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When you go through pretty shitty stuff in your life no matter how little or insignificant to others, we all have our own way of feeling damage.
There comes maturity from, people in my school sometimes make fun of my form of being or just for my level of maturity or how I say please just grow up and be a little more mature but I’ve learned through all my hard moments that maturity comes in the moment when you feel deeply hurt or sad by some point or breakdown in your life that get you to the point when you know deep inside that you never want to experience or feel the same pain again.
It’s actually not a joke.
My name is Ale and I’m going to tell you my story and it’s not a sad story by the way.
Since I was like 9 years old problems in my family have been normal and I actually didn’t care too much about them in general until last year when suddenly everything began to come against me or well it felt that way.
All this years of avoiding my problems and at the end it didn’t was much of a help, I guess it was time to open my eyes to the real problem that was the conflicts in my family.
When you are a teenager you realize that your family isn’t perfect, that every family faces problems that should be normal once in a while but mine has the same fight since 8 years ago, in some point problems you avoid affect you soon or later.
By that time I met the person who was meant to be my best (male) friend, and now days he still is. He was my boyfriend in that moment when my life got worst and he stood by my side so basically he knows EVERYTHING I’ve gone through, a fact: he’s not my boyfriend at the moment because he moved to california so we live in different countries but there’s hope for us.
Going back to my issues, I can probably say that I had multiple breakdowns, I felt sleep crying, I became so negative because nothing was getting better and I felt really alone.
He was always there and he was the only one, I hided my problems for almost half of the year because when I was with him all I could show was my smile because I knew he wasn’t going nowhere.
I became a sad person, I enjoyed more being at school that at my own house,
My grades weren’t better than my life.
There were moments when I felt like I wasn’t good enough or like my family hated me, it was a constant fight against myself that I’m still fighting but it gets easier. At the end of the year all my problems where just to much for me to handle and remember going to school and beginning to cry in the middle of the class, then my boyfriend told me he was going to live to another country and I wasn’t getting better, it just wasn’t.
Then my parents were about to separate and ugh.
With the support of my friends I got through all even that they didn’t knew the entire problem.
Now days I have scars almost fading but they remind me my battles and the pain that I don’t want to feel again, the sadness I don’t want to go through again, if I could choose to erase that part of my life I wouldn’t because honestly those experiences have made me the person that I’m today.
I just want you to know that it gets better and you are an amazing person, life isn’t easy and all your problems become experiences.
I’ve been broken, I’ve been deep down, but I’m still here thankful because my heart still beats. I think that I tend to push people away ‘cause I feel like they will hurt me at some point if I let them know too much.
All the pain somehow is worth it, all the experiences. I would like to erase my scars but I can’t, you are not alone.
The good news are nothing lasts forever.
The good news are nothing lasts forever.
What you are feeling right now, all your problems wont be there in the future, you will discover your real friends through tough times and somehow, someday everything will be okay.

"You were born to be wild and free,
To stand out in a big crowd,
To be a complete rebel with a different echo.
To touch the ground but allowing yourself to fly also.
You were born to be dauntless, and there’s a long way to go."
- Alejandra Navarro-Córdoba